Interactive Clipping and AR Annotations

Image: Visometry GmbH

The release 1.5 of Visometry´s Twyn AR-software brings several updates: interactive clipping and annotations in the AR view, as well as an improved UI in Twyn Studio. To get even better insights about the differences between target and actual of an inspected object, the Lens Tool now offers a clipping mode that crops the augmented 3D data in a freely adjustable area.

This allows to perform a target-actual comparison along the clipping, or to inspect the real object behind the augmentation more closely. Besides geometric data, 3D models often contain additional information. This can be detailed metadata such as the torque of a screw, production notes or the material properties of an object. Since such information often cannot be fully represented in AR, annotations are used as an interactive reference for the representation. As of version 1.5, annotations can be created in Studio and positioned in relation to the CAD/3D model. In Twyn View, these can be seen in AR, spatially located at the exact position on the real component.

Visometry GmbH