Prism-Based Line Scan Camera for Visible to SWIR

JAI’s industrial prism-based line scan camera SW-4010Q-MCL features 4-sensor line scan technology that allows for simultaneous collection of red, green and blue image data on three separate CMOS sensors plus a fourth sensor that collects image data from the SWIR spectrum. That makes it possible to perform advanced color inspection collecting visible light data (from 400 ~ 700nm) via the three CMOS sensors, while at the same time obtaining image data via the fourth InGaAs sensor from light waves in the 800 ~ 1700nm range. Each of the three CMOS line sensors has a resolution of 4096 pixels and a maximum scan rate of 20.6kHz in full resolution. In comparison, the InGaAs line sensor provides a resolution of 1024 pixels and a full resolution scan rate of 39kHz. By using a special version of JAI’s pixel rescaling function (Xscale), the camera can be reconfigured such that all four sensors have the same field-of-view (line width of 25.6mm) and the same scan rate (39kHz), with the resolution of the visible channels automatically rescaled to either 2048 pixels (12.5µm pixels) or 1024 pixels (25µm pixels). JAI also provides a special lens (sold separately) that is optimized to handle both visible and SWIR light.

Image: JAI A/S