3D Surface Inspection of Cylinder Heads

Bild: Chromasens GmbH

Chromasens has introduced a 3D inspection system designed for detecting imperfections on the surface of metal cylinder heads requiring large field of views. Leveraging the Chromasens 3DPIXA wave dual 30µm stereo line scan camera, the Corona II LED illuminator with controller, and the 3D Application Programming Interface (CS-3D-API) achieves an 100% inline inspection at frequencies up to 30kHz at full resolution with FOV up to 450mm in width. Images are captured simultaneously in both 2D and 3D by the 3DPIXA wave dual camera at a GPU accelerated speed of 552mm per second. Resolution up to 30µm is possible in 2D using the 3DPIXA wave dual camera, with object dependent height resolution up to 5.87µm.

Chromasens GmbH