GenICam for CSI-2 Access

Allied Vision enables the realization of GenICam-based image processing applications with CSI-2 cameras. Thanks to GenICam for CSI-2 access, Alvium CSI-2 camera can be easily used with Vimba SDK and many GenICam features.

Image: Allied Vision Technologies GmbH

With the latest firmware for Alvium cameras, Allied Vision makes direct GenICam access for MIPI CSI-2 cameras possible. In conjunction with GenICam for CSI-2 support, Allied Vision is releasing a new version of its software development kit, Vimba 6.0, with a new CSI-2 transport layer. The much simpler GenICam for CSI-2 access allows an Alvium CSI-2 camera to be used with the Vimba SDK and a variety of GenICam functions. With this new functionality, CSI-2 cameras combine the advantages of embedded systems (such as size, weight, power consumption) and the wide range of sophisticated machine vision standard features.

Easy migration

Existing GenICam-based applications configured with a USB camera can now be easily migrated to CSI-2 cameras. All SFNC (Standard Features Naming Convention) features available with Alvium USB3 cameras can now also be used with CSI-2 cameras thanks to GenICam for CSI access. This provides the ability to use a USB camera for prototyping and easily replace it with a CSI-2 camera after the application is developed.

Starting with a selection of Alvium 1800 C models with Sony IMX global shutter sensors (1800 C-507, 1800 C-511, 1800 C-1236) and a Starvis rolling shutter (1800 C-2050), as well as the OnSemi AR0521 sensor (1800 C-500), Allied Vision will continuously expand the number of officially tested and validated models for use with GenICam for CSI-2.

Advantages of embedded solutions

Because CSI-2 is a very lean protocol, CSI-2 cameras require less processor time on the host system due to the low overhead, making CSI-2 cameras particularly suitable for embedded systems. Compared to a USB camera, CPU load can be reduced by up to 70%. The cameras can be controlled using Allied Vision’s Vimba 6.0 software development kit or any other third-party GenICam-compatible software.

Together with Allied Vision’s new Alvium CSI-2 driver 3.0.0 for NVIDIA Jetson, users can also benefit from the machine learning and AI capabilities of NVIDIA® Jetson™ systems. The driver currently supports the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX and AGX Xavier with NVIDIA JetPack 4.5.1, and a beta driver supporting the latest JetPack 4.6.1 and all NVIDIA Jetson systems is also already available.

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