High-Speed Image Acquisition and Real-Time Processing

Image: Gidel Ltd.

The Embedded computer FantoVision 20 by Gidel allows up to 20Gb/s image acquisition and image processing by a combination of Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier NX SOM with an Intel Arria 10 FPGA. This combination features high-end frame grabbing with real-time AI and image processing. Algorithms are programmed using C/C++ CUDA and Nvidia’s AI, image processing and compression libraries. Using multi FantoVision 20s and Gidel’s open-FPGA InfiniVision acquisition flow, a 1000+ cameras streams can be captured and synchronized simultaneously. With 2x 10GigE and Camera Link 80-bit (DECA) connections, the compact computer (134x90x60mm) provides high-bandwidth camera interfaces.