3D Vision under Ambient Light

Image: Mech-Mind Robotics GmbH

Mech-Mind launched a new generation of the Mech-Eye Laser industrial 3D camera. Based on self-developed structured light technology of high-speed laser, the cameras are excellent in resistance to ambient light, and can image many objects with high quality under the interference of sunlight >10000 lux. The scanning time of the 3D camera can be less than 0.9sec (depending on the material of workpiece and the actual environment). It has advantages of large field of view, as well as high precision and resolution (the sub-model Mech-Eye Laser L has a resolution of 2048×1536, and can be customized to upgrade to a higher resolution). The pictures show point cloud images of typical workpieces (crankshafts, tracklinks, structural parts) and cartons collected in ambient illumination >15000 lux.

Mech-Mind Robotics GmbH