8K, 10k and 15 Line-Scan Cameras with CXP 2.0

Image: Chromasens GmbH

Chromasens announced the expansion of its allPixa evo line-scan camera family with three new models with a CoaXPress 2.0 interface. By merging CXP 2.0 with trilinear CMOS sensors yielding resolutions up to 3×15360 pixels, the 8K, 10K and 15K cameras acquire true RGB color, mono or TDI images at a maximum line frequency speed of 100 kHz. The cameras offer multi-flash functionality capable of triggering up to four different flash controller channels synchronized to line acquisition. By doing so, multi-flash acquires several images with different illumination geometries and/or colors simultaneously in only one scan by line-multiplexing. The cameras come with the Chromasens SDK and a graphical tool GCT for Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.