8K Line-scan Camera with Dual 10GigE Interface

Bild: Chromasens GmbH

The allPIXA evo 8K line-scan color camera of Chromasens has a dual 10GigE interface combined with a CMOS sensor consisting of 16 lines of 8K resolution (16×81925µm pixels). Each of the 16 lines may be independently controlled and operated simultaneously for full-color RGB image capture at line rates up to 3x 90kHz. The camera has multiple line and frame trigger options, variable encoder input, and color conversion possibilities. Because it is equipped with multiple TDI options, the sensor amplifies sensitivity to operate at very high line frequencies in lower light environments by detecting weaker signals without the need to oversample. Also, filters in the NIR range enable the recognition of object features in the visible and NIR spectrum with one camera.