BSI and NIR Optimized CSI-2 Cameras

Image: Allied Vision Technologies GmbH

With the Alvium 1800 C-2040 and C-1620, Allied Vision expands its camera series with two Sony IMX back-illuminated CMOS sensors with Pregius S global shutter technology. The Alvium 1800 C-2040 combines a square sensor format with a C-mount in a sugar-cube housing, making it ideal for microscopy applications. It features the 20.4MP Sony IMX541 sensor, which enables a frame rate of 24fps (8 bit). The Alvium 1800 C-1620 is equipped with the IMX542 sensor in 16:9 widescreen format, which offers nearly twice the resolution of the comparable Sony IMX267 sensor at the same size. In addition, Allied Vision is introducing the NIR-optimized Alvium 1500 C-501 camera. It is equipped with OnSemi’s AR0522 5MP rolling shutter sensor, which performs particularly well in the NIR range.