CT System for Battery Module Testing

The ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan is a compact powerhouse for ensuring high density material inspection such as battery module quality.
Image: Carl Zeiss AG

The 450kV Volumax 9 Titan CT system by Zeiss is said to combine a compact design with robust performance. The easy-to-use device produces X-ray images of large and dense parts – such as battery modules – for fast and precise quality assurance. Despite its compact dimensions of 2.750×2.350×1.750mm, the system is capable of high-resolution images with 1.500W and a 3k detector. Wide electronic sliding doors, automatic axis positioning for easy loading and the control panel integrated in the system cabinet are said to support ergonomic work and allow inspection of parts up to 590x700mm in size. The generators and movers are manufactured by the manufacturer itself.