One Metrology Software for All Measuring Devices

Image: Verisurf Software, Inc.

At the Control show, Verisurf will introduce version 2022 of its Verisurf software, which offers numerous new features to support all measurement applications and devices. The new version accelerates automated inspection processes with fast, automatic feature recognition and point-&-click programming of inspection routines. Built on a complete 3D CAD platform, the software supports all CAD formats as well as all portable measuring arms, laser trackers, scanners, and manual and programmable CMMs through a common interface. Within the 3D CAD platform, Verisurf uses model-based definition (MBD), where the CAD model serves as the design instance. All manual and programmable CMMs are controlled via the Verisurf Device Interface (VDI).

Verisurf Software, Inc.