Contour Detection for Conveyor Belts

In order to distribute packages from a conveyor belt evenly to downstream stations, it is necessary to record the conveyor belt occupancy. For this purpose, the Contour2D sensor system by Pepperl+Fuchs with the R2000 LiDAR sensor is mounted centered above a conveyor belt. However, due to the central sensor position, shadows from packages fall on the conveyor belt, which would falsify the measurement results. By combining the high angular resolution (0.042°) of the sensor with scan rates up to 50Hz and an intelligent algorithm, a correction of these shadows is realized. The algorithm as well as the further processing of the raw data takes place on the Multi Scan Evaluation Unit (MSEU) of the sensor system. Since only two components need to be installed (sensor and MSEU), the system is quickly assembled.

Image: Pepperl+Fuchs SE
Pepperl+Fuchs SE