Semiconductor Inspection System

Image: Innodisk Europe B.V.

The stability of automated optical inspection (AOI) systems is critical to efficiency in semiconductor production. Innodisk’s DDR5 RDIMM is designed to solve common problems encountered by AOI systems. These include memory bandwidth limitations, accuracy issues, and high temperature issues.

Large memory capacities, a dual 40-bit sub-channel architecture and side-band ECC for careful error detection, as well as thermal sensors and monitoring functions ensure its use in AOI applications. The system features a register to enhance clock, command and control signals, as well as one-bit error detection and correction. The memory modules are fully tested and optimized for stability and performance. Only original ICs are used to meet industry standards. The power management IC provides a constant voltage of 1.1V and has been moved to the DIMM, reducing redundant power management circuitry on the motherboard for unused DIMM slots in previous generations.