Inline Thickness Measurement of Strip and Sheet Material

The thicknessGauge O.EC by Micro Epsilon is an inline measuring system in O-frame design with an aluminum roller and an integrated control cabinet. The system is used for precise thickness measurement of plastic strips and coatings up to 3mm material thickness and web widths up to max.1.250mm. To obtain a cross profile of the material thickness, the sensor is traversed over the film. If the sensor is held at any width position, a longitudinal profile of the thickness is generated. The system uses the combiSensor for thickness measurement, which enables submicrometer accuracy and, at the same time, high signal stability. The sensor combines a capacitive sensor with an eddy current-based inductive sensor. Both sensors measure from the same side towards the aluminum roll. The capacitive sensor uses the dielectric constant of the non-conductive material to determine the distance to the top of the target, while the integrated eddy current sensor measures the distance to the aluminum roll. The difference between the two signals gives the thickness of the material.

Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG