Pyrometer with Brightness Reduction Filter

Image: Optris GmbH

With the ratio pyrometers of the CSvision family by Optris, it is possible to measure temperatures from 550 to 3000°C without contact from variable distances. A new feature is the switchable two-stage brightness reduction filter, which allows easy sighting and focusing on very bright objects. The R1M model measures in a range of 550 to 1,800°C (R1ML) or 900 to 3,000°C (R1MH); these variants have a motorized focus, with an optical resolution of up to 100:1 (R1ML) or 150:1 (R1MH). The RM2L models are designed for temperatures from 250 to 1,400°C. The ratio pyrometer can be used from 0 up to 65°C without additional cooling.